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Time To Invest in a New Bathroom?

If the following things appeal to you, it might be time to consider the installation of a new bathroom...

Practical use of space with a new bathroom

If the size of your family has changed, why not consider renovating the bathroom so it's more in line with your current needs? You might wish to add a new power shower, double towel heaters or a double sink to your bathroom to help the morning routine run that little bit smoother. 

New technologies with a new bathroom...

Technology changes! If you haven't updated your bathroom for the last decade, you can take advantage of new bathroom technologies like sensor taps, heated towel rails, underfloor lighting, underfloor heating etc. With regards to the latter, underfloor heating can help eliminate the harshness of the winter as the radiator struggles to warm the entire bathroom, keeping you and your feet warm. 

A new bathroom will help declutter...

Through years of having the same bathroom, it's likely that cleaning products, beauty products and general clutter have slowly built up and tarnished your bathroom. If this applies to you, you should look for space saving solutions in your new bathroom like wall mounting your sink and cupboards or having cupboards underneath the sink.

A bathroom refurb will get rid of any damp

Mould and damp slowly accumulates in bathrooms where air circulation is poor and moisture is unable to escape. Commonly found around baths or in the corners of the room, mould and damp can escalate seriously if left untreated and make your bathroom unusable. Retiling your bathroom walls with modern tiling and regularly maintaining them will ensure that you needn't worry about this problem ever again. 

A bathroom refurb will quieten your extractor fan!

Nothing shouts ‘outdated’ more than a rattling, whirring extractor fan that can’t be ignored; getting this replaced for a newer, quieter version will finally allow you the relaxation time you deserve.

New home, new bathroom?

Different people have different tastes. If you've just moved home and dislike the bathroom used by the previous tenants, we'd recommend installing a new bathroom quickly before holding it off and never getting round to it.

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