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4 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Designing your dream bathroom can be an exciting prospect but things can quickly go downhill, especially if you are inexperienced. Small details can turn into major problems if they are not thought out properly, so it is important you have all the information you need and better yet, rely on a professional bathroom fitter.
We have listed the top 4 mistakes made with designing and how to avoid the mistakes in your dream bathroom...

Thinking too big (or too small!)

Before you do anything, it is key that you know all measurements for your bathroom to ensure you know exactly how much space you have available. If you cram too much into a small space the room will feel cluttered and messy- as well as feeling even smaller than it actually is.
If you have a lot of space, you are free to be much more creative- treating yourself to a luxurious bath or vanity dresser is a great way to make the most out of all of the space you have.

Underestimating the need for storage in a bathroom

If you don’t invest in enough storage, you’ll find your bathroom becoming very cluttered very quickly. It can be difficult to relax in a bath that has shampoo and shower gel bottles balancing in every corner- so consider storage solutions that will work well in the space you have.
There are plenty of storage solutions to suit every need, from wall hooks and shelves to cabinets and drawers.

Not allowing good air flow in your new bathroom

Poor airflow can result in damp and mould- two very preventable problems if tackled correctly. If your bathroom is lucky enough to have a window, a simple solution to improve airflow is to open them as often as possible, especially during or after a shower.
If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you should consider installing an extractor fan to create a better air flow. This helps to make a fresh and clean feel to your bathroom, as well as reducing the risk of mould.

Not allowing room for errors in your budget

When designing your bathroom, you should allow for at least a 15-20% buffer to cover for any unforeseen circumstances or mistakes. If your design is elaborate or you are expecting to run into problems, your buffer should be increased to 50% just to be sure.
Problems can come from nowhere and issues can be found with mould, rotting, faulty plumbing, water pressure or electrical wiring. Leaving yourself a high enough buffer ensures there will be no unwanted surprises when the bills start coming through.

Need to fit a new bathroom in Bournemouth?

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