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Hiring a Professional Bathroom Fitter in Bournemouth

In the UK, we spend on average 1 and 1/2 years of our entire life in the bathroom. Why spend all of that time in a bathroom that has been poorly fitted? Hire a professional bathroom fitter to install the bathroom instead..!

Bathrooms installations take time

From designing the new bathroom to tearing out the old bathroom, fitting a new toilet, sink, bath tub, other accessories and then taking care of the plumbing, electrics and final decorative improvements, bathroom installations take time, especially so for a DIY one-man band. Hiring a professional bathroom fitter in Bournemouth can alleviate all of this stress and free up some time that allows you to get on with your normal day-to-day activities.
This point is especially important if you only have one bathroom in your home - You can't be without a bathroom for months on end! Hire a professional fitter to finish it in weeks, not months! 

Bathroom fitting experience

Professional bathroom fitters are highly experienced in the installation of bespoke bathrooms and as such, can offer friendly and professional advice to help you get the most from your new bathroom. For instance, if you're looking for advice on which tiling looks best/lasts the longest, which décor matches the rest of your home or you're completely stuck for ideas, a professional fitter can help you choose. Not to forget, a professional fitter has access to hundreds of different designs, so your options are almost limitless!
Here at Michael Frith Plumbing we've got 40+ years of experience in fitting bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms etc. in and around Bournemouth, so we're more than happy to offer our top advice. 

Complications with your new bathroom

As we've mentioned, bathroom installations are complicated and take time. Whilst it might be cheaper to either DIY or source the materials yourself and hire a builder to fit them together, there are a couple of risks that we think you should be aware of...
-   Builders might miss the smaller details that would otherwise be attended to by a professional fitter. 
-   Whilst you might be able to fit the bathroom together, can you or the builder legally attend to the plumbing system/gas work or would that need to be outsourced?
-   The materials might arrive damaged, which means you would need to source replacements, leaving you without a new bathroom for another couple of weeks. 

Accurate bathroom pricing estimates

We recognise that full bathroom installs are a big investment. That's why it's so important to have a fixed pricing point from the start and know exactly how much you're going to pay for your new bathroom before you suddenly realise that you're unable to finish it. Remember, you might run out of materials, need to order new tools or something might break along the way and you'll need to pay for the repair...

Contact us for a bathroom installation in Bournemouth

We offer a bespoke bathroom installation service in and around Bournemouth, covering Boscombe, Branksome, Ferndown, Christchurch, Poole, Ringwood, Westbourne and all surrounding areas. Get in touch using our contact form or call us on 07737408537 for a free quote.